Organizations and Ministries

Liturgical Ministries
Altar Servers:
Steve Schmitt 338-8658, Carol Borzage 228-7969
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: Fr. Bede 804-8312
Funerals: 403-8416,
Funeral Ministers: Patricia Muffley 683-2898
Margaret Terry 255-2157, Pat Torino 528-5004
Music Ministry: Dee Dee Brunelle 804-8308
Readers: Kevin Kacvinsky 271-1704
Sacristans: Terry Biles 672-4933,
Liturgical Scheduler: Cheryl Shaffer 804-8302,

Other Ministries
Bereavement Ministry: Layna Woods 360-6689, Joyce MacAulay 754-5963
Busy Hands Crafters: Lynette Bearer 485-3774
Grief Support: Bob Landsperg 655-9191, Kay Varchetto 255-0929
Marriage Preparation: Deacon Aruna & Helen Silva 595-5798
Mary & Martha Guild: Layna Woods 360-6689
Mothers, Faith, & Family: Nancy Finley 363-7170
RCIA: Fr. Bede Wevita 804-8304
Parents in Partnership: Jessica Nelsen
Justice/Peace and Respect Life: Nancy Finley 363-7170
Rosary Makers: Lupy Ritzo 363-8691
Seton Singles (over 45): Kathy Lorenzo 804-8365
Small Faith Communities: Annette Heath 656-6545
Vocation Committee: Chris Pristas 363-6931

Adoration: Judy Galizia 480-0564
Traveling Blessed Mother: Judy Galizia 480-0564
Traveling Sacred Heart: Agnes Roybal 405-6824, Kathleen Brooks 254-9119


Cub Scouts: Jenn Haley 688-3273
Knights of Columbus: Grand Knight Terry Ward 287-7132
Knights Ladies Auxiliary: Irene O’Rourke 256-8684
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Ushers Needed
Every Sunday, ushers greet us with a friendly smile as we gather to worship. This very important ministry not only helps us to participate in the Liturgy of the Eucharist but also welcomes visitors to our parish.
The following Masses are in need of ushers: 4:00 PM Sunday & 6:00 PM Sunday Will you respond to this need? If you are interested in joining this ministry, contact an usher at any Mass or call Mary Kay in the Parish Office.

Funeral Ministry in Need of Volunteers
The death of a loved one is the most grievous moment in all of our lives. It is a time when people need support from family, friends and their parish community. Join the Funeral Ministry and become the face of the parish family in the time of need through prayer and attendance at the funeral liturgy. For more information, contact Pat Muffley at 403-8416. Call, or stop by, the Parish Office to enroll as a volunteer today!

Vocation Committee
The SEAS Vocation Committee Meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 PM in Rm. 6 of the Parish Hall. We are responsible for promoting an awareness and need for vocations in our parish; to nurture, enlighten and pray for those who are responding to God’s call. For more information contact Chris Pristas 363.6931.